Honduras Lu. 7:22 The Lame Walk
This man had polio since birth but could still get around on crutches. When we saw him he was unable to stand. We prayed and nothing happened until we were walking out the door and we heard all this screaming. When we went back inside he was standing on his own !!

HONDURAS Mt. 11:5 The Deaf Hear
More amazing testimonies of God's presence, His Kingdom on earth. To be posted shortly.

 Woman healed from deafness in one ear as we prayed for her daughter in Children's Hospital who was also healed from pain from an injury.



    Praying in the City Square

HONDURAS June-2015 Invited to do a TV interview with Enlace TV the largest Christian TV station in the capital Tegucigulpa with satellites around the world. I met this man as I was paying my bill for breakfast in San Pedro Sula. He asked me what I was doing in Honduras. I explained how for two years we have been coming, visiting Children's Hospital, the Prison, Los Bordos, many villages, churches, teaching on the Kingdom of God and praying for the sick. I then prayed for him and he told me he was the manager of the this TV station, when could I come to do an interview. Long story shortened he lost my info, didn't return calls or message because he didn't know who i was. I went in Faith in June. When I arrived he saw me but didn't recognize me at first. After he did with joy he began to explain to the production managers there how he met me in the cafe 5 months before and that when I prayed for him he felt God's presence. He said he had two heart attacks before that and as of that day he has never felt better. They had me do a live show where I got to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God, take calls and pray for them. One of the woman on the show told me after when I was praying for the callers she could feel God's presence too.

While there in June I stopped to visit a church I have taught at before. This woman on your right came up to tell me that when we were there in January I prayed for her. She said the day after I left, she felt this intense heat behind her ear. She pointed to it saying "LOOK the tumor is all gone". There were many other healing's that happened on this trip that I don't have the space to write here. 

HONDURAS Dream Comes True

In her dream she saw me come to pray with her

Our trip in January to Honduras was orchestrated by God. I say this because although we did have a plan I always trust He will fill in the details. Our schedule was made by another local in San Pedro Sula. It took us to many churches, 2 orphanages, children's hospital, Los Bordos (people living by the river), San Pedro Sula Prison, a local TV station interview, the city central square, the market place, and La Rivera Hernandez (highest crime rate in the world, 6 murders per week), yet we experienced not just healings, deliverance, and emotional healings, we experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It was revival. The result was transformation, refreshing, healing, and salvation on a very grand scale. Great things happen when we truly give the Holy Spirit the reigns and let Him run the show in our endeavors. Great things happen when the Kingdom is proclaimed and we invite His presence to come. We watched believers who had nothing, worship like they had everything. 
children who live by the river
We saw people in the streets openly ask for prayer and listened to us talk about Jesus Christ and his kingdom. We saw the result of absolute dependence and relentless pursuit of God. We saw people who had been prayed for on previous trips, two years later now, still healed of epileptic seizures, depression, knees and backs healed, pain removed, emotional healing etc. etc. too many to list here. One of the comments we here is how their lives have been forever change and when are we coming back :) We took 12 people on this Prayer Mission who have also said their lives have been forever transformed, bringing back what they received from God as a result of their giving to this mission. We were invited to share our testimonies of what God has been doing on the largest Christian TV station in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. We are in the planning stages and hope to return soon. Please watch the videos and consider partnering with us. Bendiciones Blessings

HONDURAS - July 2014 We were blessed in  to be a part of  what God is doing in Honduras. We have been asked to come back this January 2015 and were going. On the last 3 trips we saw hundreds of healing's and captives set free. We visited those in prison proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom, saw blind healed, and the lame walk!!

 We will again have the opportunity to visit those in prison there. This is one of the worst crime areas in the world yet God did some amazing things with our teams. I personally prayed and saw a mans eye healed as I explain in the video to the right.

 We will visit orphanages again, pray and play with them. Visit the very poor who live in villages with water unfit to drink. A friend donated a water purifying system we brought that will touch 5000 families. Were hoping to raise enough money to take a few more on this trip.

We will be going back to the Children's Hospital there because they welcome prayer for the sick. On one trip God healed a 14 year old before we left her room. We literally saw hundreds commit their lives to Christ, hundreds healed, many set free from oppression and delivered. If I hadn't been there to see and witness it, I'd be like many others who say he's making it up. I've never been around this much anointing, not like this. I just know God wants us to go back to Honduras, In 2015, myself and 12 others have committed to go back and serve.
I am asking for partners to help us. We need prayer, for safe travel, planes, cars, lodging etc. We need sensitivity to hear God's voice as we serve and pray. My expenses needed for this trip are $1100 now. If everyone I know could spare $10 there would be plenty. If your not sure ask those who really know me and they will tell you this is a good investment in the Kingdom. Please consider partnering with us. If you know of others looking to partner in a good cause, pass this page along please.  Bless you all and thanks for visiting here!! This would be a good time to get some end of the year tax deductions and for a great cause. Thank you and bless you!

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 Prov 19:17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lordand he will reward them for what they have done.